PerfeCTa qPCR SuperMix ROX 95051

PerfeCTa qPCR SuperMix ROX
95051-100   100R
95051-500    500R
95051-02K   2000R

Unique buffer and stabilizers have been specifically optimized to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, sensitivity, and a robust fluorescent signal with TaqMan® or TaqMan® MGB probe chemistry


Supermixes are available and optimized for all real-time PCR instrument platforms including those requiring normalization with ROX™ dyes. Supermixes are also available with uracil-N-glycosylase (UNG) to prevent amplification of carry-over contamination from previous dU-containing PCRs.


The enhanced specificity of this supermix suppresses cross-reactivity between homologous sequences, improving detection and discrimination in SNP applications. A key component of this supermix is AccuStart™ Taq DNA polymerase with monoclonal antibodies that bind to the polymerase and keep it inactive prior to the initial PCR denaturation step. Upon heat activation (two minutes at 95°C), the antibodies denature irreversibly, releasing fully active, unmodified Taq DNA polymerase. This enables specific and efficient primer extension with the convenience of room temperature reaction assembly.