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About BroadPharm

BroadPharm is a leading customer-focused biotech company in San Diego, California. We are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high quality PEG linkers, Click Chemistry reagents and advanced Bio-labeling reagents such as Dye Labeling and Biotin Labeling compounds to our clients worldwide.

Founded in 2009, BroadPharm takes our customer needs as our highest priority. We have over 1,600 discrete, high purityPEG reagents in stock which can be shipped to our clients immediately.

PEG is an abbreviation for Polyethylene Glycol which consists of repeating ethylene oxide units. Unlike traditional PEGs, all of BroadPharm’s PEG products represent a specific, single chemical structure with high purity. Each product is synthesized and purified using BroadPharm’s proprietary advanced technology and characterized by modern NMR and LC/MS.

Broadpharm’s PEG products offer many advantages over traditional linkers such as high water solubility, reduced aggregation and low immunogenicity. These PEG reagents have been widely used in bioconjugation, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) therapeutic, drug delivery and diagnostics field. In addition, we also offer IP-protected custom synthesis and bio-conjugation services for our clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We provide timely technical support to address our client’s need and offer technical advice for the best use of our new products.

With our strong expertise in modern chemistry, innovative & novel PEG technology and state-of-the-art equipment, BroadPharm can help our customers to accelerate their research through cost-effective and efficient solutions.